January 14


If you keep trying, you haven’t failed. You are still on your way. If you stop trying, if you quit putting forth the extra effort, only then have you failed. The road to victory is filled with “not yet” until you finally arrive at the total win. Pushing forward is winning.


January 13


We all want the best out of life. The only way to get it is to seek out and make the necessary efforts to get it. There are so many options for lesser things. Watering down your dreams means you choose to settle for second best. Is that really the life you want?

January 12


It takes three weeks to make a habit. You are almost there (as they like to say in the gym when there is still plenty of time/reps to go). In reality, you are over halfway. You are getting into the swing of it. You are at the point where it might be tempting to stop, but it will be a hollow win in a few more weeks when you realize you gave up on your own dreams.

January 11


Quitting is always possible. That siren song of ease. Just stop. And two weeks later notice that you have to start again. And you lost ground in the intervening time. There are times when it seems impossible to stick to your own goals, but if you don’t what will your future self say to your current self? You are worth the effort, so make it.

January 10


Keep trying. If one thing doesn’t work, try something else. If your diet is slipping, look for a new recipe to try. If your exercise routine isn’t working for you, there are many other ways to get exercise. If your book is uninteresting, there are millions and millions more. If you go out and seek inspiration, you will find it, but it isn’t coming to your couch looking for you.

January 9


Seek out your victories even in the smallest of things. These small victories are what lead to bigger and lasting changes. Breaking a single thread is easy, but when many are looped together, they are much more difficult to break. Each loop is like another victory. They seem so small at times, but they are what makes for a different future.

January 8


There are times when things change in an instant. This is usually not a good thing. Most instantaneous changes are disasters that strike (although there is the chance to win the Lottery). Most of the time, if you want something to change, it takes time and energy and unflagging commitment to do the necessary things to see it through.