January 21


Any project with large aims and goals will have to include setbacks because they happen even in the best of times. The only thing to do when you run into one is to regroup, square your shoulders, and remember that your goals and dreams are worth it. Don’t give up because all that means is you will have to start over again later.


January 20


You don’t lose fifty pounds overnight. You don’t just magically clean and jerk 200 pounds. You build up to it, small bit by small bit. Incremental success is the only way to get to that large goal. You don’t just wake up totally different. You move, inch by inch, until you end up in a different place, a better place if you planned well, or a worse one if you didn’t.

January 18


The key to success is planning. It doesn’t show up without some effort on your part. If you want something in the future, you have to start planning for it today. That means you have a plan, and then the hard part – you work your plan. If that is getting you closer to your goal, keep going. If not, revise your plan and try that. Keep at it. Your future self deserves it.

January 17


Remember when you were learning to walk? It was so hard. You fell down. Often. Really often. There were tears involved. And yet, today, you walk around without thought. Everything that is easy today was once difficult. Remember that as you struggle with the difficulties of the now.

January 16


If you don’t give it your best shot, how will you ever know if you could have gotten it, whatever it is? When you scale back or make excuses about why you simply can’t, you steal your future from yourself. You take your dreams and set them aside. The future is coming. Prepare for it. Find your dreams.

January 15


Things are hard. Well, the best things are. Temptation is always at the edges of reality, trying to get your attention. But your commitment to yourself and your goals remains at the center of your future. You are trying to get to a place you have never been before. Give yourself the credit you have earned on your journey to your dreams.